Who's the Best Rust Server Provider?

My question is stated in the name of the thread.

Which server provider is the best in your opinion?

Which server providers should I stay away from?

I’m currently living in the United States East Coast. I was going to host the server myself, until I realized how hard it was to get the server files while the game is in alpha. I don’t care how many slots it has, as long as it has more than 50. I don’t care how much it costs, as long as it’s less than $10 a month. I want the server provider with the best price, and the best performance.

I don’t think you’re going to find a GOOD server provider for under 10 dollars.

Seems like such a waste of cash to pay someone else to do something I could do myself for free. Is there any easy way to access the server files and host on my own?

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Don’t think there is an easy way right now, but I’m sure when the game is more developed Garry will help people out.

Not yet, the server files are not readily available.

And of course your home machine and broadband are capable to give users a good game expirience.
Once they release the files, they should list such servers seperatly. Otherwise we are going to see 10000 servers which are just crap.

Dont get me wrong, I would like to host a server on my own server as well, but we cant yet. Even though there is one guy who made it into the server list with his own private home server. He didnt want to tell me how. He only said I should do it with the steamcmd… tried, failed…
The current cracked server files are public on some torrent sites, if you dont mind a trojan…

Are they compatible with Linux, or should I start burning a Windows 7 iso? I don’t mind a trojan or twenty.

Windows I think. Have fun. You have to search for urself, im not getting myself banned in the forums for posting warez…

Streamline is really good


Less than $10 per month ? And you are looking for a good server ? Even in Europe you will find maybe at 8€ i have not seen any lower than this.50 player will be the limit and probably you will face some access limit as well.

So if you “even” manage to host a server yourself,probably that would be outdated version.So again it will be useless and waste of time.If you manage to find current and future patches instantly.People will not join to your server again,because they might get banned because of this.I don’t wanna mention about the connection speed of yours down/up and it’s stability.

Not HFB thats for sure.

This site has it for about $12/m

Well i had FPSplayers and they had good support but their servers were lagging bad.
I then bought a Nitrous Networks server and I have been pretty happy with them until they decided to shut down all US servers yesterday. They never even sent me an email. Just cancelled all US servers. I had to contact them to find out what happened.

HFB sucks…

Ive not heard of gameservers.com or streamline but I will look into those since I’m in the market for a new server.

Game servers is the cheapest I found so I went with them.

I love how everyone bashes on HFB… I haven’t had a single problem with them, going into month 2 with them.

Isn’t HFB based out of Germany?

My experience on their servers has not been good. I personally wouldn’t buy a server from them.

Streamline looks pretty good and I’m really considering them. Looking for some reviews of their service now.

I have had HSB and It was the worst thing I ever spent my money on. They have absolutely no customer support, and there servers go down for hours or days with no help or notification