Why?? Admins Why?? Abusing "Tools"

So a mate of mine got banned from a server because he shot the admin ten times in the head at pointblank range but the admin took no damage at all…he must have been afk and upon his return he turned around and killed my mate with his uber hatchet. When my mate called him out on using god mode and the uber hatched he was banned.
My question is why are the “admin tools” essentially just hacks/cheats?? they can teleport to you with god mode on and kill you instantly. When they get called out on this they just ban the person they have cheated against, This all seems a bit unfair.

I think the admins should have these “tools” removed from the game ASAP as it is game breaking IMO.

I know we have to deal with hackers in general but i dont think we should have to put up with Admins abusing their tools.

My mate who this happened to now has no desire at all to even play the game which is a real shame because i think this game has some great potential.

Please Please Please at least think about removing these tools…

You’re playing on their rented server. They could pretty much do whatever they want. Stick with official servers if you want a fair game.

why can’t admins have limited rights? - so much guys abusing it -_- i totally argee with Gak

Yea he was playing on a rented server and i get that admins can run their servers how they want to but i still dont think they should have access to these kinds of tools in the game…

They should have the right to kick and ban people but i dont think they should have god mode and weapons of mass destruction.

Oh no, people who own their own servers are doing whatever they want! You can’t be serious, you’re pretty much asking the game developers to nullify the point of custom servers.

Welcome to alpha testing. Balance is a planned feature, not a current priority.

Also, it’s the admin’s turf, if they want to ban you from their server they can. Would you complain to Valve if some random TF2 server admin was a dick?

Not entirely true. There are many community servers who have admins that DO NOT abuse their power. On my server, the Admins stream their play every time they are on just to prove that fact!! You can even join them in team speak.


You just need to find a better server with honest Admins.

He can just pick a different server.

Wait what??? so the point of a custom server is to be able to use god mode?? sorry but i disagree

No, the point of a custom server is to allow the owner to play on his own server and do as he wishes. It is HIS server, if you don’t like what he is doing in his own server, you can disconnect and go somewhere else.

im not really complaining that the admin was being a dick i am just saying that they shouldnt be able to use God mode and special weapons

I know its easy enough to just play on another server just get rid of these admin tools i reckon

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I agree that is is his server but y should he get cheats to use??

Because it’s his server.

Who are you to tell him he isn’t allowed to run around doing whatever he wants on a server he paid for?

Have you not been listening or did you just contradict yourself?

Umm how did i contradict myself??? i said yes it is his server but y should that give him the right to use cheats??? you couldnt b that stupid mate

Alright, here we go, read very carefully now:
IT IS HIS server;
HIS property.
Since it is HIS server and not YOUR server, therefore, HE DOESN’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK.
Did you read that part? Did you understand it? I can give you extra bold and italic, if you want.

Dude your a real peice or work rnt you…how high is your horse buddy??

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wait your a gold member …must give you the right to be a prick

Just because I’m a gold doesn’t make my opinion any more wrong or right.
However, you’re a (fairly) new member and you’re already throwing insults and ignorant, grammatically imperfect posts left and right. Why are you surprised people are being pricks to you?

Sorry i didn’t realize i had be grammatically correct for you…

And i think you have totally missed the point of the post i’m not complaining about the fact my mate got banned, I am merely stating that admins should not have these tools at their disposal…also i shouldn’t have called you a prick and for that i am sorry but have to admit you started being very condescending towards me and it mad me a bit mad bro

I do have to apologize for the hostility, now that you’re trying to explain things rationally. The rust forum has taken it’s toll on my mental sanity.
Either way, admins are supposed to have these tools at their disposal, because they’re admins. Unless the server is advertised as ‘no admin abuse, legit play’ and etc, then you leave the server and tell other people not to join due to false advertising.