Why aint this working?

Once again, I need help… :ohdear:
I want the zombie to go to a random location, defined in the “WalkTo” Table.
local Zombie = ents.Create(“npc_fastzombie”)
Zombie:SetPos( Vector( 900+math.random(-150,150), 97+math.random(-150,150), 175 ) )
local WalkTo = {
Vector(-834, 733, 75),
Vector(-302, -596, 67),
Vector(-47, -264, 100),
Vector(337, -483, 80)
Zombie:SetLastPosition( WalkTo[math.random(1,4)] )
Zombie:SetSchedule( SCHED_FORCED_GO )
But the zombie just stand still where it spawns… :argh:
So, why aint this working… And how do I fix it? :geno:

Anyone? D:

probbably something with the zombie AI, trying changing class to citizen and check if it works

Tried, didnt work.

I just realized, Isnt it that NPCs CANT go very far?
Doesent it have be a short distance? :sigh:

I have checked it… read what I posted above you…

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Nice try.

Well, I just added that little thing becasue I forgot to mention that I tried it. WELL SORRREEH…

And I just pointed it out.


And you try to make me look like the fool.

Im sorry :ohdear:



Oh and on-topic, I have no idea.

Check on a shorter distance

It works on a shorter distance, But I want them to walk a longer distance without having like 10 moveto points

Then make a SNPC