(Why) Am I EAC banned?

I just bought a Steam account from G2A with Rust on it with only about 5 minutes of play time, however when I try to connect to any server I’m greeted by a message telling me that my account is EAC banned. I probably should have just bought the game directly from Steam, but it was $8 so I decided it was worth the risk. First buy from G2A btw.

Anyway, if anyone on here can explain the ban on this account, I would very much appreciate it:

what exactly do you need us to explain that isn’t already obvious lol. there’s a reason he ditched the account and went to sell it (aka: he got himself banned for cheating)

Perhaps, but with such little play time? And with only one kill? And besides, I’ve heard of EAC issues that were unprovoked and erroneous so maybe it could be something like that? I dunno, I hope it is so I can get this resolved.

Ever since Steam’s refund policy changed, people have been abusing the refund system to cheat for 1.9 hours and then get a refund.

You got punked, and what you did basically violated the Steam TOS, so you get no help. Buy directly from the Steam Store if you don’t want any surprises like that.

If someone from EAC could confirm the ban I’d be able to finish my claim to G2A and get a refund. That’s my real goal here.

Email to EAC.

Google EAC cheat. Go to their website. Click contact us. Submit mail to them.

I did that I’m just a bit impatient lol
And I see EAC admins on the forums sometimes

The account got banned within 5 minutes of play. This is probably not something G2A will be refunding for.

i think your impatience was half the problem here.

This doesn’t make sense at all. And you did not check that the ban was by EAC for hacking?

Are you trying to say the person who bought it hacked? Why wouldn’t G2A give a refund if they sold a banned account. Of course they would.

Can you at least post that you helped the OP? That would be more professional.

The post you quoted has been edited. Last night it read something to the effect of, “You were banned for hacking that you did. You are right about your gameplay time though. You played for 4 minutes and 38 seconds”.

It was way funnier that way. That’s when I tagged it with the Zing.

Why would they not refund me? They sold me a banned account, end of story. I don’t know what else to say about it.

Probably EAC staff should be clear and professional.

Like I said, once I get a confirmation from EAC, G2A will refund me. Regardless of whether or not EAC believes they will xD

Either that or you bought a clean account and got caught 5 min into it and are now trying to wiggle your way out of it. Not something anyone on here can prove or dismiss, you could probably have the G2A check the violation date vs sales date, I would assume any respectable company would be nice enough to go that extra mile in such a case.

Actually EAC can check this, and the OP said that was why he posted here - and EAC staff replied in the thread.

It doesn’t sound like the OP is lying.

I did end up buying Rust on my main Steam account and within 2 hours I was accused of aimbotting lmao. It was with a shotgun from a distance of about 4 feet, but surely 1 kill equates to hacking. I’m pretty sure the guy reported me too (although it was on a modded Legacy server so I doubt anything of consequence will happen.)

Anyway, if the Facepunch community had any say in the outcome of this situation, I’m screwed lol. A lot of mistrust. I guess that’s the Internet for you.

There is a lot of miss trust as a result of the horde of hackers, dead beats and pile of human waste that have ruined the game for so many. Your fault for buying an account rather than the game on your account. It was eight bucks learn a lesson and move on.

You will never be banned if you don’t hack and someone just reports you, or whines that you were cheating when you killed them. Very rarely EAC screws up and makes false bans, but in general no one will ban you even if you are reported unless there is clear evidence you are hacking.

People scream “hacker!” all the time.

Such hassle because of 8 bucks. Should’ve bought it from steam right away.