Why am i getting this FPP error?!?

**SOLVED!!! I had Vector and i needed Angle… I need to take a break!

Here is the error:

Now this is my code:

    for k, v in pairs(file.Find("lmmnpcr_data/*.txt", "DATA")) do
        local npcrfile = file.Read("lmmnpcr_data/"..v)
        local tbl = string.Explode("|", npcrfile)

        local name = tbl[1]
        local id = tbl[2]
        local color = Color(tbl[3], tbl[4], tbl[5], tbl[6])
        local pos = Vector(tonumber(tbl[7]), tonumber(tbl[8]), tonumber(tbl[9]))
        local ang = Vector(tonumber(tbl[10]), tonumber(tbl[11]), tonumber(tbl[12]))
        local creator = tbl[13]
        MsgC(Color(255,0,0), tostring(pos).."
        MsgC(Color(255,0,0), tostring(ang).."
        local npc = ents.Create("lmm_npcr")
        npc:SetPos( pos )
        npc:SetAngles( ang )
        npc.NPCName = name
        npc.ID = id
        npc.Maker = creator
        npc.NPCColor = color

the error is with setting the angle and vector i know that…

Now the MsgC prints this:

As you see it is a vector and angle…\

any help would be amazing thanks!