Why am I getting this Lua error?


The error is below.

[ERROR] addons/the flash swep 1.6/lua/weapons/weapon_velocity9.lua:119: Tried to use a NULL entity!

  1. __index - [C]:-1
  2. unknown - addons/the flash swep 1.6/lua/weapons/weapon_velocity9.lua:119

Timer Failed! [Simple][@addons/the flash swep 1.6/lua/weapons/weapon_velocity9.lua (line 117)]

From what I see, self.Owner isn’t valid

At the top of the timer add an

if not IsValid( self.Owner ) then return end

that did not work

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its giving me the same error

Are you sure you’re putting it in the timer?

fixed it with help from the author of gbomgs 5 :slight_smile: