why am i starving all the time?!

why is it that I cant take more than ten steps without having to eat something? if you want it to be more realistic fine. but how about a balance for Christ sake!

Check the dev blog

you’re a hungry hungry boy and you need your food to grow strong

The question I have is, when going from starving (0) to full, why do I need to eat almost an entire bear to be full? Just one of those steaks would fill me up in no time irl. But 16 to 20? That’s a bit over the top.

Although on the reality end I agree with you there are two things that people are not taking into consideration with this.
First, yes…eating a whole bear would let you stay full for probably quite a few hours. Now, take that into the game with everything else. It just isn’t feasible. There has to be a mechanic that does this because the fact of reality vs a game is just night and day.
Although I can appreciate people wanting a certain realism to the game, there are just to many aspects of reality that do not gell with certain games. this being one of them.
Two, most of what you knew before in the game were just placeholders. What happened with this was you just got used to playing without the need for much food. Now, the real intention begins.

scale of resources has always been an issue for me. surely i wouldn’t need a few hundred pieces of wood to make a pointy stick for example.

although i don’t agree with it, the best explanation i have heard it to think of it in terms of universal units, not pieces. so the amount of “meat” you need to eat to be full is determined in universal units, not chunks of meat.

I totally agree with you, my point was more to put emphasis that right now it’s a bit excessive and that after eating 20 bear meats, you have to eat another one 5 minutes later to stay full and 5 minutes later… and on, and on as pointed out by the OP. Also, in contrast, you eat 3 cans of beans and you’re full. I understand this whole thing needs adjustments. I think the same with your “universal units”, a stone spear needing 100 stones? Yeah right. It’s a necessary evil to keep everything balanced.

I agree that the values/functions of the types of meats could do with a rethinking. The meats kinda go like this:

Chicken/Wolf - Shit tier meat. You get very little from the animals and it restores very little hunger for what you get.
Bear/Human - Still crappy tier like above, but you get tons from a bear which is the only good thing about it, and nakeds are in abundance so its easy to farm them for meat.
Pork - God tier. Tons of calories and healing and you get plenty from what is the easiest to kill animal in the game.

Basically everything but pork is crap. If anything a rebalance of meat should mean something along the lines of cooked meat gives you far more hunger (E.g. a pork steak refilling 75-100% hunger but you only get 3-4 per pig), since bears are rarer/meant to be more of a challenge they still give a ton of good quality meat that is worth cooking.

Maybe chickens would be worth killing if rather than a crappy chicken breast that restores 50 hunger, harvesting them gives a whole chicken that you can cook up and refills your entire hunger too.

i would have it:

shit tier; chickens, wolves.
average tier; human, deer.
good tier; pig, bear.

bears have a lot of fat, and graze continuously until they hibernate. if you could kill one, not only would you get more meat than from a boar, it would probably be just as high in calories, if not higher.

I guess I chose the perfect time to play Rust for the first time. Looking for food always :smile:

Your cousin gave you worms, hence why you eat so much. You need to be wormed.

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