Why are 5.56 ballistics so whacked?

I spent a lot of time shooting 5.56 rounds competitively and its like you changed them from going 3000fps to 300fps. Hitting something at 600 yards with a 5.56 is not that difficult, but in Rust 200 yards appear to be the max.

HV 5.56 seems to be better but still drop way to much. By the way, what’s the deal with a suppressor reducing the damage a weapon does? That’s certainly a new idea in ballistics.


It’s not supposed to be realistic, it’s supposed to be balanced for a game where the scale of a map is much smaller, and therefore, the ballistics have to compensate for that.

If you were to use the real ballistics of a 5.56, someone could build a huge tower and shoot you from halfway across a pregen map. (assuming the max accurate range of, say, a bolt action with scope is 800m) You’d barely even be able to SEE them.

Would that be realistic? Yeah. Fun? Sure, for the guy with the bolty. Fun for the guy you just beaned from 600m away that didn’t even have a chance? Prooobably not.

Legacy had hitscan and there was no balance problems. I think the weapons need a little bit higher velocity.Maybe 30% to balance it a little bit.

Remember, you fired it from a gun you made with nothing but your bare hands and raw materials and it fires bullets made from rocks you put in the fire.

I challenge you to weld even a single bead with nothing but your fingers and spit.

90% if the in game items cannot be made with fingers and spit. There is an obvious lack of tools, materials and knowledge for making most of the things in Rust, cause its a game.

Also, hand making a firearm does not inherently mean it should suck.

M249 is not a crafted firearm therefore the fingers and spit does not apply. Plus if you have ever fired a real M249 you’d know the recoil in rust is greatly exaggerated for a 22 lb gas operated LMG firing 5.56×45mm rounds. As well it’s fed a 200-round belt, not a 100 round one and muzzle velocity should be 3,000 ft/s.
Eh, maybe one day Gary will take his devs working on firearms out to a range so they can actually understand the mechanics of the firearms they place in play.

it’s a fine balance between playability and game reality. don’t think of it as an m249, think of it as a generic lmg vaguely represented by the m249. same deal all the guns; not only are most of them crafted with a rock and some pig ore, the gunpowder used is gonna be crappy, unpredictable blackpowder with bugger all power. the mechanisms in the gun are gonna be inaccurate and clunky.

hell, i’m not convinced we should be able to craft anything more than singlefire weapons without a salvaged firing mechanism, but that’s another story.

Legacy also had a max range on all its weapons that was no further than maybe 100m at best. The bullet would straight up disappear past a certain range.

the silencer is too weak, exspensive, and you use a lot more ammo which makes it even more exspensive

and you will not win many fire fights if you use it against players

all in all in my opinion the silencer is almost a usless but exspensive item

200 m max? What are using a pump shotgun?