Why are all no BP wipe servers empty

I like to play on no BP wipe servers due to not having to search every week after a wipe (solo player) but most of the server have a maximum of 20 players and we all know this isn’t enough if you want to do raiding, I hate modded servers due to one hitting a tree and getting 4k wood, I don’t see the fun in that. I’d be fine if the server wiped buildings, just kept bp… I’m wondering about your thoughts on it? I think even a month bp wipe server would be fine, I know it’s got downsides like everyone having ak’s and c4 within a few days, but no life 10-20 groups get that in a few hours of a fresh wipe anyway, so I don’t see the point in caring about downsides.

The vast majority of servers DO NOT WIPE BLUEPRINTS unless otherwise stated in the server name, or a BP overhaul is due. Just join any random server and odds are the BPs won’t wipe on forced wipe day.

also, a longstanding server without bp wipes is hard to start on as the other players likely have access to everything; it’s why players used to join freshly wiped servers in droves in legacy. a lot of these will have slowly bled to death as players leave, but are not replenished.

It’s a symptom of the lack of things to do in game currently. Without a PVE threat it gets boring fast