Why are Hydraulics so unstable?

Whenever I make an “elevator” or raising prop of sorts, I can’t put anything on it or stand on it or else the hydraulic just flips right the fuck out and kills me. Any reason for this?

First, make sure the hydraulic is Fixed, and the speed is low. If it’s not fixed, it won’t be stable, and with too high a speed, it kills you.

Also, you can try using Keep Upright on the prop being moved by the hydraulic.

If it’s still unstable, try using multiple unfixed hydraulics.

If we’re talking about wire hydro’s, use a smoother from the output of whatever is outputting lengths and a Constant value of between 25 and 50 for rate. If a regular hydraulic, then just set the speed between 25 and 50 depending on length.

Use an unfixed hydraulic, and ballsocket the platform to the world with all of the number settings set to 0, tick “Free Movement” and leave “No Collide” unticked. This stops the platform rotating to within a degree on each axis, so it doesn’t spazz out.