Why are my blood effects like this

Can any one help me. My blood effects look really weird.

If you cant see it. It looks like really sandy and instead of the huge spurt of blood.

Is this because I don’t have episode 2?

This has nothing to do with Lua scripting.

are you in germany or something i know blood doesn’t exist there so

Maybe it has been replaced by some addon.

Oh yeah, in Germany, there’s no blood!
(I hope you meant that it’s censored in Germany…)

Most likely replaced by downloads or a Gmod bug. First check your addons, then check if reinstalling GMod works.

I’m sure this guy is not in Pennsylvania

I haven’t seen anything like it.
Does the blood still leave pools in the ground/walls, or does it stay like that?

Do you mean Transylvania??

Maby he lives in CastleVania…

Or Lithuania