Why are my Garry's Mod Models Hitbox Messed up?

Why are my Garry’s Mod Models Hitbox Messed up?

Can someone show me or post/find a video on how to fix it?

Can you post your QC? Also, check the hitboxes in HLMV.

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Here is my QC:

You didn’t include $concave in the $collisionmodel block.

If your scale is already 1, you don’t need to include $scale.

You didn’t include $opaque.

Hitboxes != Physics mesh.

vcollide_wireframe 1 to see what they actually look like.

My best guess though is your hitboes just aren’t built with concave.

Can you write an example qc that I can use?

Im confused.

$opaque // Fixes dynamic shadows
$staticprop // useful for props
$modelname desk/desk // path to model
$model Body desk // Internal name  - .smd name

$cdmaterials models/desk // materials FOLDER

$surfaceprop wood_panel // Physical property

$hboxset default
$contents solid
$sequence idle desk fps 1 // internal name - .smd name

$collisionmodel desk_collision // name of physics .smd
    $concave // makes concave collisions
    $mass 40 // mass of object in kilos
    $inertia 1.00
    $damping 0.00
    $rotdamping 0.00

Notice the lack of quotes. You don’t need quotes unless you have a space in the file paths/name, which you should never do anyway because it doesn’t play nice with certain OS functions.

Thank’s for the qc example.:dance: I will use this one from now on, after I test it