Why are my screenshots so dark?

I’m trying to take a screenshot of a map via camera tool, and it’s much darker then what it appeared on my screen…

My brightness is all the way up.

Show us an example of a picture. it can’t be diagnosed without seeing it :v:

It’s like “doc i think i have AIDS, but I’m not going t let you take a blood test” :v:


It doesn’t seem that dark, use the lamp and light tools for extra lighting

I need to do it on 70 maps. I’m not going to use lamps…

It’s not that dark? That’s super dark compared to my screen. I can’t see anything from like 2 feet away.

Looks fine to me. I can see everything.

Turn up your monitor’s brightness. The issue is literally only on your end.

So you’re saying this isn’t dark?

I can barely see the barrels. How is the screenshot not the same as in game? It’s obviously not my monitor…

Maybe it’s your actual eyes then, dude, i can see them clearly.

Does not look like this:


Perhaps your Gama settings are low, it looks fine to us.

Try turning that up.