Why are my textures no showing up?

So I made a model, made a shitty quick texture to test it, and I get the purple and black checkers in model viewer and gmod. I made a treadmill just in case you wanted to know what I made. Here is my qc:

$cd “C:\Users\Kendra\Documents\Models readmod”
$surfaceprop “metal”
$cdmaterials “C:\Users\Kendra\Documents\Models readmod”
$scale 6
$model studio “tread.smd”
$modelname “DDDchu read.mdl”
$sequence idle “tread.smd”
$collisionmodel “tread.smd” { $concave }

I had someone helping me but it’s late. They said put in $cdmaterials the path to vmts and vtfs of my mdl. I did, and nope still missing textures.

Source doesn’t read the textures from your Documents folder. The .VMT(s) and .VTF(s) have to be placed in a specific location for the Source game that you’re compiling for.

In my case it’s gmod. Where would I put the VMTs and such for this in what specific folder?

It depends on whether you’re just dropping the files directly in or adding them to the addons folder. If the files are being dropped into the GMod directory directly, you’ll want to make a new folder somewhere inside of the materials folder (name it whatever you want) and drop the .VMT and .VTF files in there. If you’re dropping the files into the addons folder, you’ll need to make a custom folder in the addons folder, create a materials folder, and then do the same thing as previously mentioned for dropping the files into the GMod directory directly, but within the addons folder’s setup instead. You’ll also need a .TXT file labeled ‘addon.txt’ within the folder you made within the addons folder.

You’ll also need address your $cdmaterials line in your .QC, as the .QC automatically assumes that all texture files are within the materials folder by default. The $cdmaterials line is meant to point out any further sub-directories that might follow (example, having textures located in materials/models/weapons/potatogun would read back as $cdmaterials “models/weapons/potatogun” in the .QC).

$surfaceprop "metal"
$cdmaterials "models	readmod" -- 'Searches for vmt and vtf textures in materials\models	readmod\ '
$scale 6
$modelname "DDDchu	read.mdl" -- 'Searches for the model in models\DDDchu	read.mdl '
$body tread "tread.smd" -- 'tread.smd should be the reference mesh'
$sequence idle "tread.smd"
$collisionmodel "tread.smd" { $concave }

Folders should look like this
addons\Treadmill\models\DDDchu read.mdl (with other compiled files)
addons\Treadmill\materials\models readmod\insert all vtf and vmt textures here

That should be it, also make sure when you make the vmt to change it to vertexlitgeneric and have no checkmarks.