Why are Official Servers Adminless?

First off, I have over 300 hours played on rust and enjoy the game very much even though it is in alpha. I have played on official servers, primarily East Coast, for the past 5 months and I always get screwed by hackers at least 5-10 times a day.

I have every blueprint and am geared to the teeth in my monstrous base, but I cannot leave my house in full kev or any armor for that matter, because a speed hacker/aimbotter/fly hacker will zoom by and one shot me and my friends. This is an hourly occurrence that has happened to me way over 50 times on official servers. Just yesterday, I lost 4 m4’s 6 mp5s 4 p250s and 6 sets of kevlar – not one death to a legitimate player, all hackers.
There are even well-known clans on the server that are notorious for hacking, but they roam the server freely and just drain your health til you die, no matter where you are.
They haven’t even changed their names in over 4 weeks because no one does anything about hackers on Official servers, its like a hacker sanctuary.
I get hack-killed every single day that I am on an official server.
It’s very very frustrating sitting in my base and a hacker shoots me in the face through my walls and destroys my loot storages…

I know someone will say “just join another server.” I enjoy official servers because of how many noobs spawn in constantly and I’m always killing at least 6-15 people when I’m just running around in a single loot run. I enjoy how scarce resources are and makes it difficult for people to start out, but once you’ve got your unraidable base, the fun really begins.

My question is this: Why are all of the official servers, servers run by the creators of the game, a hacker haven? Is it a stress test to see how stable the servers are with 20 speed hackers/aimbotters/fly hackers wreaking havoc on legitimate players? It doesn’t make sense.
Is it really out of the $20,000,000 budget to hire a trustworthy admin or two just to hover above the game and see all the hackers running around at 100mph and ban them for good? There are no other servers I have ever been on that I have encountered this many hackers in a single server. They are game-breaking to the 100+ people on the server.

These servers are the most populated (& supposed to be trusted) in the game – why are they the most defenseless?

I love Rust very much and I have been here since the beginning, I want everyone to experience the fun, nerve-wracking moments Rust has to offer, but not have their experience ruined by a hacker insta-killing them.

I hope you understand my concern.

maybe they are studying the hacks for better identification later

US East Coast 1 is shit because of the hackers. Only reason I pop on every once in a while still is because I have so much shit on the server, but in all honesty the hackers made it so I no longer really want to play any more. I don’t even tell my friends to get Rust any more, because I don’t see a point in anyone getting too into this game until they fix the hacking.

In a game where you lose everything upon death - being hack free is pretty important.

actually the more you talk about it the better it seems.
a REAL masochistic server!

now thats a challenge.

Hackers add a whole new metagame.

Well, the obvious answer IS to join another server. However, if your endgame as someone “geared to the teeth in my monstrous base” is to run around killing newbs who are just trying to figure out how the game works, then you and the hackers are made for each other. I’m not equating the two, just saying for the newbs I doubt they are “experiencing the fun”.

I don’t think there are any masochistic legitimate players in Rust… Who enjoys losing everything all the time?

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Rust is survival – natural selection. Survival of the fittest. I blast anyone I see with a hatchet because they have been gathering resources. I don’t waste ammo on players with rocks. What endgame do you expect when you have everything in the game? What do you do then? Admire that you have a lot of guns sitting in your base and not put them to use? :rolleyes:

Just because they have a hatchet doesn’t mean they aren’t a newb. It just means they spent 10 minutes in game and made a hatchet. But if you kill them right away, and they get discouraged and quit or move to another server, what have you done for yourself? Wouldn’t it be better to let them gear up and THEN go kill them? As someone who has everything they need (guns, resources etc.) why would you care about their 18 ore and 12 rocks anyway? Seems like it would be more of a challenge to take out someone who can actually fight back is all I’m saying.

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But to your larger point, it does seem crazy there aren’t admins on the official servers. Just struck me wrong when somebody who has everything gets off on taking out defenseless players. Yeah, and I like puppies too. :slight_smile:

I think you lobbed me a softball, let me swing at it:

You continue to expand and patrol your territory, you blow out the big bases and take them over one by one. Hell you blow out the little bases and take them over one by one. You push everyone and everything out of your valley, and out of the mountains around it, and then you push down into the next valley on either side. You constrict the options of every player who enters your area and force them to go elsewhere for their resources, until, eventually, you control the entire map and nobody even dares to log on to your server because they know with certainty that you will hunt them down, kill them, and grief/compromise/claim their base.

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You’ve protected your supremacy and dominance of your territory and reduce the chances of getting killed in your own resource collection areas when you are out patrolling or grinding. You let that guy live pretty soon he’s got a pipe shotgun and a revolver and he’s running around in the dark in leather and sneaking up on you when you are trying to collect donations from your many admirers.

Every time I’ve been a nice guy and let the little bambi grow, they grow up to be a big mean S.O.B. that I then have to fight on equal footing. While there is a certain joy and challenge in that, it is better to crush them first, crush them fast, and crush them once and for all-- before they get big enough to take you on.

How do you gauge they’ve only been on the server for 10 minutes? That 18 metal ore is 90 metal frags that could make you another silencer or w/e. I have had every single blueprint on East coast 3 for the past 4 months, they never wipe blueprints, only buildings. The servers lag super hard enough anyways with all the hundreds of mega structures that cover the map. You forget there are hundreds of people on these servers, nearly everyone is KoS. Many naked people run with shotguns & pistols, if you play on official servers you would know this for a fact.

This is besides the point though, this post is about hackers running freely on official servers unchecked by anyone. Nearly every other community/modded server has admins – why not the servers that were founded by the creators of the game?

Oh I hear ya and you are definitely right. It probably will come back to haunt ya. But defintely more challenging and more long term fun. I mean think about it, if you pull off your grand plan (insert sinister muahahahahahaa!) what are you left with? A server you control completely, but you are by yourself because no one dares login? How much fun is that?

Better starting your own Server, so anyone uses a hack. You just ban them…

That, sir, is Epic fun. Then you move on to the next server. Of course, you’re unlikely to be able to completely dominate an official server-- especially given the hackers and massive influx of new players on a daily basis. But you can try.

That’s the point. I really wish an admin had an answer to the purpose of the decision to have official servers adminless. If it’s really just to examine hackers then I get it. But the first thing new players are greeted with is 10 official servers to choose from. Most trust the game creators to have a safe environment to develop their blueprints and houses on an official server, but soon realize it’s full of hackers that will screw up your progress entirely.