Why are people getting banned for nothing?

Me and my friends were playing yesterday and everything was fine, Now he tries and joins and hes VAC banned for nothing. Legit players are being banned and hackers are not…

Haha, im sure u and ur friends hacked ;), u dont get banned for nothin

Oh man, You’re going to get flamed…

Uhh no, We were one of the biggest groups on the server. And out of nowhere he gets VAC banned.

This is a legit issue and if your going to be a troll dont comment

VAC bans are like condoms. There’s a 99% chance you’re a dirty cheater.

vac operates by detecting modifications to game files that are confirmed to be for cheating purposes. If he got caught, it’s because he was fucking about with files he shouldn’t have for stuff like aimbot or ESP shit. Simple as that.

Man It does not matter if your the largest group on your server, you hacked and your stupid, also this is not a legit issue and if you bring this here what did you expect? A massive outcry?
Did it say undetectable? Do you want your money hack sir? Poor you.
Enjoy the ban, Have a Nice day :slight_smile:

Have you personally inspected his computer? I’m not calling your friend a liar, but there’s this thing called lying, and cheaters lie.

At any rate, the only ones who can help your friend are Steam Support. Facepunch does not have any control over VAC.

We did not hack, See this is what pisses me off. People like you, Legit players are getting banned and i see hundred of hackers join and nothing happens.

No legit people are getting banned. Your friend is lying. As for the hackers, yeah hackers usually do tend to find ways to bypass current anticheat measures. That’s why garrys adding easyanticheat to the game soon to try and take care of it.

you may not have hacked

but he totally hacked

end of story

wait, let me get some popcorn, gonna enjoy this :slight_smile:

Please keep it civillised, no f word man

Shut up or die

By any chance was your friend using something to add a Map Overlay? Such a thing is picked up by VAC and considered a “hack”. I say this as apparently a lot of people assume “hacks” are just stuff like Aimbots, God Mode and other things used maliciously and therefore think a map overlay is ok because it isn’t malicious.

OP, you’re friend is a cheating scumbag. Deal with it.

According to everyone in the VAC discussion forums on Steam, they have all been falsely banned.

I wish VAC bans had cheatpunch’s screenshot system. Steam forums would be a very entertaining place.

Yeah, just goes to show how immature the rust people are. VAC has been working perfectly fine for YEARS. It’s not going to go balls-up because this game is still being made.

The only thing we use is Rustmap.net. I dont see why everybodys getting mad and insulting right away.

Oh you got vac banned so obviously your a good for nothing scumbag cheater.

Fuck you FlippyT

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - postal))