Why are people so hostile and aggressive on these forums?

I just joined these forums yesterday and posted a couple of topics for discussion. And I’ve noticed a trend of extreme hostility and very “passionate” responses to my delicately offered suggestions of ideas to discuss. I was under the impression forums are for discussion of ideas and opinions.

I figured having opinions and ideas outside of the norm might be interesting. Are people really so closed minded here?

The community of Rust resemble the community of LoL (League of Legends) in my opinion :smiley:

I don’t know how it happend, maybe it’s because of that the game is harsh as it is right now. So ppl are aggressive for each-other and they even take it to the Forum, well you have to bear with it, maybe it’s gonna change overtime, we will see :smiley:

Emotions run high when you can lose hours worth of work in the blink of an eye.

(And there’s crybabies who complain when they get killed as soon as they spawn which doesn’t help)

It depends did your post have SMALL ideas for tiny tweaks or was it a “this game should be more like this” post cause no one is going to respond well to some new guy coming in telling the devs what their game should be more like.

Edit: Ok after reading over your posts its a lot of crying about getting killed so yeah thats most likely it. No one likes carebears more then anything carebears that complain about getting killed in the PvP game and want changes made so you get killed less. Thats just dumb, if you do not like the way the game is do not play it or move on but do not try to change it to suit YOUR needs.

Should it matter? It’s not like the vocal hostile people are anyone involved in the development of the game.

We’re all alpha testers at this point. Isn’t the whole idea to offer feedback on what we like and what we feel makes the game unfun for us?

When I come to your house for dinner and eat your food do you want to hear “hey this is good but have you tried some garlic it really adds to the taste” or “this is nasty you should put more garlic on it cause I dont like it at all”.

How are you going to respond to the way in which I give you advise on YOUR cooking.

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I think this says it all man:

If you do not like the killing then DONT play its not about YOU and what YOU want. If you have ideas thats great but this is just you trying to change the way the mechanics work cause you cant handle getting killed and losing your stuff.

You’re missing the point of ‘Alpha’ Teamvortex.

Devs needs ppl which can say clearly, what they like and what not. Thanks to this, they can think about what they can do to make their game better ;]

Ofc, they don’t need to take everything into account, but complains, thoughts or ideas are part of it. Anyway, he was talking about ppl being ‘hostile’, ‘aggressive’ - Then why we are talking about this ? ;p

How about instead of not playing those of us that do not share your view play on pve server, is that ok with you?