Why are people surprised when.....(Re: New'ish servers, low pop, groups etc)

Why are people surprised when they put a call out to people to come and join their low pop servers and then when people do, these same people immediately start raiding these new starts in full kev, m4’s, c4 etc, when they only have bows and/or maybe 1 pistol amongst them, that these new people then leave the server?

I love Rust, and have no problem being raided to oblivion (more so if it also features a cool firefight), but i wonder if the people doing this to new start groups realise that in the end, they will have no one left to raid/kill, except themselves. Our group of 5 joined a server (with a pop of about 10 before we joined) that had put a call out to new players, and after maybe 2 hours of trying to get setup, got rammed by 5 fully kitted guys who blew holes all through our half built house and camped there killing us for about 30 minutes. Not surprisingly we all bailed and now have a new server we call home. My point is, what is the point of all that gear if your server ends up being just your group? When we get established on a server we tend to help (well at the very least not hinder) new starts so that hopefully in a a few days we’ll have some better battles, and…well…they might have some better loot that actually makes the risk/resources worth it. :wink:

Can anyone explain this phenomenon to me?

/End QQ.

i suspect most of call outs to join a server you see on forums is from low pop servers were a small group researched whole of the tech tree, have metal bases, killed off most of others and now sitting in empty server bored off thier faces. Going to another server will mean starting all over at disadvantage, which they won’t have.
Personally i’d only respond to join a server if it’s just had a wipe.

People are stupid. That the only explanation. xD I have my own server and I make sure that never happens. Whats the point of having/paying for a server if all you do is chase everyone away. The game isnt fun when all you have is your friends. But anyways just wanted to rant alittle to. See ya

You can farm new players like ants farm aphids. Help them out at the start with the stuff youd normally throw away and take them to places to gather resources and stuff. Then wait a few days and find them again once they have decent stuff instead of the junk loot if you killed them after 2 hours

Pretty much this, i’m not moaning about being raided, it’s part of the game, and a part i enjoy, i just don’t get the mentality of raiding new starts who will 1. provide no challenge, and 2. probably have absolutely nothing you’ll need.

Knobs will be knobs i guess.

like NOslip said some people are just srupid just find a friendly server that has pvp but its fair enough.
i have my own server, in the first day we went from 3 of us to 20 in about 2 hours, bnow we have average 70 when busy, all this surprised me.
so i asked people to not shoot each other for the first day(real time) they did and everyone was happy, when i did a buiding wipe a couoke of weeks ago i turned to PVE for about 2 hours only onr guy complaibed because he just wanted to kill everyone as peopke had everything they owned on them, again evryone was happy.
its a matter of personality, ive been friendly to everyone and ban a few obvious as they were hackibg but with that had a few complements as a great server to play in.

Ill only fire if fired upon. Certainly ill be cautious of new players. but typically leave them alone. Unless they kill me. Then its fire and brimstone on their ass for being stupid

It’s up to the administrators to set up an infrastructure that will encourage community development while also balancing the fine line of allowing and not interfering with PVP. In this case, I kind of reward players that help out the fresh players get their feet planted.

You want there to be plenty of Robin Hoods so that when the Sheriffs of Nottingham inevitably come around, the peasants will have protection.