Why are servers with anti-cheats so rare?

I’ve played on a lot of TTT servers and find it very rare to find a server with an anti-cheat of any kind. Why are anti-cheats so rare? They add tons of custom weapons, but they don’t add an anti-cheat. Server owners, explain yourselves. sv_allowcslua doesn’t count because there’s tons and tons of bypassers for it.

Most servers have VAC enabled… what is your point?

Because Garry has an anti-cheat built in

Also banned kids tend to DDOS servers with anti-cheats

Oh you mean the VAC that only bans for a couple modules? Bacon bot, sethhack, and maybe one or two more?

Wasn’t there something like script enforcer?

Ummm baconbot and sethack were lua based hacks and VAC doesnt detect lua hacks. Also, a lot of servers these days are run by 12 year olds with their moms credit card. Anyone can setup a ttt server and putting an anti-cheat in would require lua knowledge.

Both of those use dll files to bypass script enforced, and im pretty damn sure bacon bot was detected by vac eventually.

Inb4 ColdFusion.

sv_allowcslua can be bypassed with 2 lines of c++ injected into the game, this isn’t detected by VAC.

I think server owner’s are unaware of fact there’s cheaters everywhere, anti-cheats are hard to make and if someone released an anti-cheat it’d bypassed by hackers very quickly.

There is your reason. People don’t release anti-cheats becuase then it will be bypassed so everyone keeps the anti-cheats to themselfs.

Anti-cheats exist but no one is releasing them because if you tell the hackers how you’re detecting them then you’re going to have a bad time and they will work around your detection methods.

Name a server with an active anti-cheat.

HeX’s death-match server has one, SammyServers used to have one.

Wouldn’t an anticheat just have a list of banned commands and kick anyone who tries to execute them?

How about TTT?

We seem to just ban speedhackers. There’s probably aimbotters or espers out there but they’re both pretty pointless for what we play with. One thing I thought would be pretty funny to do is use the pixel capture functions that were added to take snapshots of people’s screens when we think they’re cheating.

That wouldn’t work.

What sort of hacking can you do there? TTT detours Player.GetWeapons; unless someone managed to stop the functions inside lua_shared from crashing the game when they’re used, TTT will have load priority.

HeX done that with his anti-cheat. Though there’s way’s of checking if a screen capture is taking place, you can disable esp’s, wall-hacks and whatnot then.

You can also steal the contents of their Lua folder if you know they’re hacking. Then you get a free copy of their hack too.

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The most common form of cheating these days seems to be forcing sv_allowcslua to 1 with cheat engine, you can get quite a few hits per day just by checking GetConVarNumber( “sv_allowcslua” ) on your clients.

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Same for host_timescale (used to speedhack), and a few of the other rendering commands that can be abused

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But of course anyone who knows what they’re doing will have overwritten GetConVarNumber

I might throw hex a message and ask if he wants to share, he had a nice SethHack detector for ages that we ran. Although he only kicked on his because of the devnull idiots, but I’m foolish and love to ban hackers.

who’s HeX

Can’t say as I know him very well, always been fine with me and anyone I know, he runs a few decent servers I think. At least 1 decent Deathrun server anyway and keeps out of silly drama and such.