WHY are the DEVS not trying to get servers back up and running

Its been hours now since the servers went down from DDOS or whatever is causing the problem from 1.30am GMT and not even a single word that i know off from the devs regarding this issue

There are a lot of peeps renting servers out there that would like to know also

WHY no info … don’t the devs care about what’s going off a single post in acknowledgement about what is happening would be nice

they dont care… they care about money… and for them its saturday… so they fix it maybe on monday…

i was told earlier rust and some teamspeak have been hacked

I pay my provider extra for DDOS protection but I am guessing in this case, it’s not their fault.

Wish we could get some updates but hopefully it’s being worked on now.

you should know that ther is not realy a solution for ddos right :wink:

What? The first 100 threads created on this topic was not suitable for this question? I think you should have to prove the developers are not working on it or get banned.

Oh yeah I know there is always a way around. I guess there are ways to make it harder though.

what hole did you crawl out of …What a dick

ddos attacks the very nature of networking, so its kind of unblockable, if you get ddosed you got fucked for some time. There is other stuff you can do, go jerk yourselves or something. Servers are burnt out, ddosed biatch, what else do you need to know?

Stop posting stupid shit like this:

…and you will not get your feelings hurt.

He’s right. You should learn to check topics before posting redundant bullshit on the forums. This doesn’t need a million threads.

You can not entirely prevent DDoS to happen.

There are just those great hosts that can mitigate your attack quickly. In most cases, will cause lag for few minutes, until the bad traffic is completely redirected to their stress servers. I know this is the case for most great hosts.

you can connect to my server, first 30 players can. press f1 and copy this in: client.connect

They should have waited until monday to do the stupid update so people wouldnt rage all weekend and that they could fix it right away.

Its a ddos attack by DCRI.

It’s possible someone found an exploit with Facepunch’s in-house networking system.
This happened in the past when someone found an exploit in uLink (the networking library they used to use) to attack them.