why are the devs or even garry not posting stuff up about the game

its really annoying when you want to play the game and its down and there’s nothing at all telling you why its down, how long its going to be down for. Then when its fixed that’s when you’ll hear about what they have changed, i would love it if they came up with a solution on letting the payed customers know when the servers or the web page is down ? and when possibly its going to be up and running.

Even game developers have to sleep

People have asked for this a lot but the devs do not bother.

They never let us know whats going on. Its not about sleep. They are just not bothered with informing the alpha community.

They could just use their twitter to give us a quick update… every other indie dev does it that way.

@playrust Twitter should be more active.

Garry was last online an hour ago, post’s about the problem were up by then so he knows about the issue and I expect he is working on it

There’s been quite a few posts about this and it seems like they don’t care. It takes like what, a minute to inform us? It’s not like we expect them to give us a full report with tons of detail. Just a small post saying “Hey guys, we are aware of the issue, resolving it now, might take x amount of time”.

But hey, we shouldn’t ask for that. It’s Alpha! We should just be happy we get to play every now and then. Don’t you even dare say one bad thing about their communication, they’re developing a game dudes. (read the sarcasm).

We’ll just have to wait and find out by ourselves when everything gets back up.

It’s not a released game, therefore they don’t need to deal with this stuff.

This is an alpha. Deal with it.

Looks like they’re implementing cloudflare.

Why is it soooo hard to just know when it goes down, they ARE aware and ARE working on it? Why do they HAVE to tell us? It goes up and down many times a day and to ask them to post everytime…for me it is unneeded and silly, but that’s just me I guess.

They may not have to do it, but would be really nice if they were. As you can imagine the thing we are asking is not the moon, just one sentence so we could be bit “reassured” instead of constantly refreshing the page like a junkie that couldn’t take his crack :slight_smile:
I know they are really busy, but it is just 2-3 min tops.


I think part of the issue for some folks is this is a REAL alpha, not some bullshit sell you pre-order access alpha or beta and let you simply play early while we “finish” the game. Some people are used to that scenario with bigger dev teams that have com staff with the sole job of interacting and informing the public. I imagine eventually Rust will have com folks to keep us informed, but I personally do not expect it this soon.

This about sums it up. Its a small dev team. Let them do their thing. If its some massive issue or the servers are going to be down for more than a few issues, I’m sure they’ll let us know about it. Relax. We don’t -need- to know every little issue or when the servers have crashed.

None of us besides Garry have direct access to the core features of the website, or the EU servers. This is why the EU servers frequently lag behind patches and the site was down for several hours yesterday, even though both Helk & Pat were available.

Why do I feel that it is always the younger generation that makes posts like these?

Yo , garry just had a newborn and lol www.playrust.com for the latest updates…