Why are .txt files baned from the workshop?

It’s unfortunate, It’d be great to upload scripts etc. I assume it’s something to do with how easily exploitable .txt files are. But that’s just a guess so what is it exactly?

What? You can’t exploit anything with them.

Anything you could do maliciously in a text file could occur in a Lua file. Theres no reason for them to be banned

You can do anything maliciously with any file, just put a .mdl file with a backdoor in text format in the models folder, call it backdoor.mdl and then just do include( “…/models/backdoor.mdl” )

This is probs a dumb question, but what sort of txt files would people want to upload? My mind is kinda blanking with this

Shit that goes into garrysmod/data, vehiclescripts, maybe some other stuff.

Probably stuff like entity data for maps, presets for various add-ons, tools, etc.

top of the list would be spawnlists for model packs

Ahh, that’s fair enough - couldn’t you technically get around it by writing all that in lua then using file.Write/Exists/etc to save the txt file though?

I thought you could pack that into a BSP anyway?

You can do that with stuff that goes to garrysmod/data but it’s a bit of a kludge. And you can’t do anything with vehiclescripts and other crap that doesn’t go there.

For spawnlists yeah, I load the spawnlists for sprops from lua files.

  1. Fair point, but that’s TTT specific and for custom maps (ie maps uploaded to workshop) mappers should use entities.
    2-4. http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/presets/Add

I know you already talked about this but for others: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/spawnmenu/AddPropCategory

True, vehiclescripts need bindings

The reason I can think of that they aren’t allowed is to prevent people from uploading advanced dupes ( which plagued garrysmod.org ) to the workshop.

When I released my HUD Designer, the saved HUDs were in .txt files and I really wanted to send out some of the HUDs I had created with it. I could make Lua files that wrote the txt files but it seemed stupid

i find it hilarious that poopdupe is allowed but adv dupe isn’t.

Ah ok I understand now. I assumed it was something to do with exploits. So it was dupe spamming? That’s such a shame too. It would be nice if they were allowed.