Why are walls see through and floor? gmod ttt

I bought CSS and I have CSS mounted aswell. I never used to have this issue.
It does this on every map when im playing on my server and it only does it to me

This is rooftops

Please help

Does this happen on this specific map?
Does this happen on some specific server?
Does this happen in single player only?
Are there any errors in console?
Post full console log in


I log into my second account, and its fine. Just this account, but it never used to do this, it seems to be on TTT maps

Reinstall GMod? Actually answer my questions?

Reinstalling now. I will reply when done

No :frowning: I reinstalled and its still all “see-through”

Does this happen on all servers? Just yours?

All servers.
I just tested on 5 different ones

Verify CSS, delete your download folder, and make sure you don’t have any addons, textures, or models that would be overriding the default CSS ones.

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Also, could you post your specs?

Also configure your graphic settings in game, especially your renderer

That can also help if you’re unsure of what to do

Intel HD graphics, but gmod runs perfectly fine and smooth with this

The Intel graphics could be the issue, but you should try my other advice first before assuming that.

Im reinstalling CSS and GMOD right now, i made sure i deleted all files from programfiles(x86)>steam>steamapps>common>counter strike source / garrys mod

Try -dxlevel 98 in your launch parameters, should force it to native directx if it’s not on the right version (I got THIS while running on wrong version a while ago) http://puu.sh/1Nrva

Use -dxlevel 95 instead. DX9.8 has some big inherent bugs with the source engine that Valve never fixed in EP2.