Why aren't the TF2 characters be controlled or be a NPC.

I see them as props but why cant u control them as your character or have an NPC for them?

They have no scripted AI, neither is it possible I suppose to code one right now, but you could in theory make an E2 controller if you’re good enough and make it control the ragdoll physics.

Coding them would be very difficult, as like the Infected from Left 4 Dead they do not navigate in the way that Half-Life 2 NPCs do.
It has been done before, but the maker stopped working on them.

I thought it was because they have a different bone structure that doesn’t fit the NPCs or Players?

i see ok it would of been cool in all but o well thx

…well you’re obviously new so I’m gonna cut you some slack. Just know that this wasn’t very threadworthy.

Anyways the answer to your question is that nobody’s made it yet. Some dude is making a TF2 gamemode for garrys mod and it’s been in development for almost a year. He’s hardly done as well, it takes work.

Again, NPC’s, somebody has to make it.

What you see when you get on garrys mod is all the content from the games using the source engine. What you see is what you get.

Probably, but I know that there were navigational problems as well.

I’m almost positive that the bone structure thing is why the TF2 characters aren’t playermodels.

Ah, for the playermodels, yes. I was talking about the NPCs. :smile:

As for the AI, you can see that it was actually implemented on TF2, only for certain maps like koth_nucleus, It’s there, I just can’t see a way to port it to Gmod.