Why aren't there CHILDREN in garrysmod?

Hello, i’m kinda getting bored, because as i see, garrysmod is dominated by adults (playermodels) and there ain’t any children running around

It would be awesome if some kids with guns and explosives wrapped around em would come and run for an Hug, AWwww… So Cute.

Or Blow one’s brains out, whatever you are into.

I don’t want some HARDCORE SEX MODELS for erotic posing or any of that kind
And also most of the players in garry’smod ARE under the age of 13, why not give them some models that look like them,

Because it looks wery weird when a over 25 year looking old man is talking with helium voice.


Killing children is sick.

I think your mixing gmod up with CSS

I’ll just leave it at that.


The right one in the first picture



I feel old now.

This should be asked for Left 4 Dead. If there are clowns, riot cops, construction workers, mud men, mutated infected and adults, there should be children. Though its not possible.


I hope this is what you’re looking for.

That’s because the idea of exploding a child’s head isn’t very funny.
If it’s a zombie on L4D, then you expect to blow the crap out of it. Most people don’t have enough rage towards humanity to WANT to shot a child. Let alone to the point that they start tearing off limbs due to the bullet’s force.

What about zombie midgets?

Yes, this is a great idea, now we have human bombs that we can throw at people in desperation…

In all seriousness, this is messed up.

When I say this is sick I mean EPIC.

I'm only horseshittin' ya.


I think someone should make a children into gmod as NPC’s , if you attack them they slice your head off.

Or make the map explode with a simple Nuke or even if it was online then you could get kicked for it, but we all know the internet and the sick fucks.:damn:

I agree with post #2…adults are fine…kids…no.