Why aren't .TXT files on the gmad whitelist?

Unless someone cares to explain to me a reason, I see no reason for .txt files to not be allowed on the gmad whitelist.
Sure, you can give the reason “it can overwrite other files”. However, using that logic, .mdl files may as well be prohibited, due to their ability to overwrite other .mdl files.
There’s no harm a .txt can do that another whitelisted file cannot.
Unless there’s an argument that conflicts with mine, could .txt files be added to the whitelist? It would help greatly with addons of all sorts.

I believe there was some exploit with them originally, but honestly, they should be whitelisted.

Well it would also be great if data was mounted from addons too.

I’m not arguing against this, but I believe that there’s a better way for anything you would need text files in addons for. If you want to have data mounted, I find no inconvenience in file.Write-ing some text stored in a lua string.

Okay, let me just convert my entire data stored chat sounds plugin to generate it for you, which is over 2000 table entries of sounds.

OR you could write a program to do it for you.

They should at least be allowed for the abomination that is the spawn-list system…

They could come in handy for vehicle scripts, soundscripts, and more.

Soundscripts =

I don’t know much about vehicles.

But this isn’t 100%
It’s only a suitable substitute for simple soundscripts.

No way to create any complex soundscripts with it (such as constant rain with an occasional random thunder sound). Simply put, there’s no good rndwave

You could do it with Lua tables & math.random (also that seems like something for github.com/Facepunch/garrysmod-requests)

Are .raw files from materials also still not whitelisted?
Is there are reason they were not allowed?

Again, this over-complicates things for addon creators.

Dang…I was like “huum…People would inject code in txt files” but i couldn’t even think about this

file.Write writes to the data folder. However, for scripts to function as intended, they must be placed in the scripts folder.

Looks like vehicle scripts are on the whitelist but I can’t see sound scripts https://github.com/garrynewman/gmad/blob/master/include/AddonWhiteList.h

I meant data as in the data folder, as phoenix said.

Then soundscripts should be whitelisted. No harm in doing so.

Didn’t I already told you what that cannot happen? Because I think I did less than 24 hours ago.