Why arn't the North America Servers working?

Does anyone know why the North America Servers arn’t working? I was playing on North America 2 (No PVP) and just all of a sudden, we stopped being able to get wood, change weapons, etc. Any idea if there going to be a wipe or something? Cause me and my friend had a really nice base going.


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Its obviously being worked on though I feel your pain since it shouldn’t be happening so often. Though you are going to get banned real soon for this thread like the last 10 people who made this thread.

asking question about server and u get banned so crap i purchase game and suddenly server goes off without any reason said in game i mean

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Yeah i’ve noticed this too. Sucks.

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Anyone got news on this?

Nah, nothin so far

It will probably be fixed soon.

Yeah I like how ‘fixed soon’ was said like 1 hour ago… NO, it won’t be fixed soon. Probably be down until tommorow.

I remember back in browser days or even, first couple days on steam… the servers went down and didnt come back for 1-2 days… Garry is a busy man… give him time… you bought the game knowing

“Early Access
Rust is currently under active development. We are allowing people to play the game even though it isn’t finished.”

I understandthat it is early access. However, it has been down for 2 hours and there is no update. An update about the servers would be nice considering it was only the North Coast servers affected.

most devs are asleep and can’t address the problem.

I would also like them to at least tell us something like this was going ot happen.

If a server crashes in the middle of the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

When did the server get in the middle of the forest? Depends on that.

When the devs were sleeping.

I think this was a planned update/wipe. I don’t think every single North American server would synchronize and go down all at the same time.

Well if they were all on the same node then yes they would.

What time is it in North America. 9-10-11…
How could they all be asleep.

I doubt they are all asleep. Maybe they took the servers don permanantly?

Did you know that there are different timezones?

Okay, I made an account to tell you guys information about what exactly happened. Throughout the day the server had major lag spikes, and after a few times the server destroyed itself. The server is probably not being wiped, and not being reset. Keep in mind ALL the NORTH AMERICAN servers went down, not just one, so therefore the whole node went down.

Considering they like to push updates late at night, I wouldn’t doubt it if the server will be back up in a few hours or early tomorrow morning.

Now I posted this because I’m tired of people speculating about the server going down and being reset.