why banned?‏

Hello, why I have been banned from all servers of rust? I’ve never used any hacks!

Error that I get is this when i try to play: “Failed to connection (Facepunch_Connectro_VAC_Banned)”

can you help me???

I don’t think I can help you stop cheating.

My guess is you cheated. Sucks doesn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lovely! Another cheating scumbag banned. Rejoice friends!

but i don’t cheat!!! yesterday I played all day and until late this morning when I tried to connect more wrong!

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can i contact rust staff?!

Love this guy

love you too

or the video guy?

Facepunch has no control over VAC bans. You must contact Valve. Really though, just be happy you got 80 hours of undetected cheating before they caught you. Buy another copy of the game if you want to cheat some more. None of us are buying your bullshit and it wouldn’t do you any good even if we did.

I thought that was you in the video, but both.

Every time I see a banned thread, I come on it, just because I have hopes you will post that video

Get rekt skrub

how many people are ignorant! embarrassing and ridiculous! The biggest mistake buy RUST!

You’ve been banned before from other non-VAC games so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, should it?

You weren’t banned by Rust. You were banned FROM Rust BY Steam. Take it up with Steam. Also, Lrn2VAC.

You cheated.


We’re ignorant because we don’t cheat and getting banned like you. Flawless logic there, mate.
The actual biggest mistake you’ve made is that you bought cheats.

the only people posting these threads are little annoying kids

It detected him when he barely started the game and played towards 80 hours, VAC takes a while to ban offenders.

So he’s been playing completely detected on a countdown.

You are an idioit HAHAHHAHAH buy a new account like the rest

If there’s one thing I’ll never understand, it’s the fact that people spend their own money (or money someone else gave them) simply to cheat and waste that money.

His profile is “private” and he’s got a vac ban… isn’t that a clear sign of cheating… i know it’s a AUTO ban from the server we play on… anyone with private profile… gone…

I’m not saying you ARE cheating… but It appears VAC thinks soo… sorry bro… why don’t you open up your private profile for us to see and maybe someone can give you some insight on what they think happened…