why c4 splash damage shud BE BACK

the answer is in this video. its not funny when c4 does not damage even twig structures


So use rockets?

what is the meaning to allow rockers have splash damage and dont allow it to c4?

For one, it’s cheaper to use Rockets,why wouldn’t you use them for your splash damage.

Why does it matter if c4 can take down the wall?

I think completely removing the blast damage was a bit overkill. Two things should have happened:

  1. Radius reduced significantly (was 4.0, should probably be 1.0 or so)
  2. The damage should not penetrate other structures (ie: 2 walls in a row, if I blow up wall 1, wall 2 should only get damaged if wall 1 blew up AND there was remaining damage).

That said, rockets are entirely different issue. For me a timed explosive charge is a breaching charge, the type you see during tactical intervention where they put a charge on the door, tick tick tick, door is gone but wall and even people right next to the doorway are undamaged.

I’m totally fine with rockets having splash damage so long as they respect point #2 (see above). That said, the price of rockets needs to go up significantly so that using them vs C4 is not an obvious choice. Right now, there is almost zero reason to use c4 because bang for the buck, the overall damage it does is much smaller than rockets. One rocket should be at least the price of c4, perhaps even more.

This would give raiders a choice. Do I use the c4 for a precision job going through the doors, or do I waste more resources but gain the ability to bulldoze through big chunks of a base. You’d see more raids where they fish for good stuff using rockets and finish the job clean with c4 once they start finding good stuff.

Pretty much agree with all you said Deicide/
For me, I use rockets on bases that have overhangs in order to remove them for ladders.
Hop to the top and sometimes,pending the size of the roof (and if anything is on it) I use a rocket to soften it up. Then, use C4 in close quarters to spread down into the base (so I WONT get that splash damage)

Totally agree with Deicide on this as well. C4 needs to have some splash damage. Not the crazy amount it had before. That was ridiculous. But there should be some damage to adjacent / connected pieces at the very least.

And rockets do too much splash damage now. Either the amount needs to be reduced or be applies like Deicide stated in his point #2.

For the record, in Legacy C4 did have splash damage… It was minimal, but if you c4’d a door, the doorway and all 3 walls on the other side did get some damage. It wasn’t enough to write home about, but it was enough that using grenades on the second row of doors/wood walls was sometimes more efficient despite the fact blowing a full wall/door was more expensive with grenades usually.