Why Can Everyone Buy Single Weapons

Hey guys I am making a Dark RP server right now and currently I have a problem with the weapon. My problem is everyone can buy sings while only the Gun Dealer can buy shipments. What I want is for only the Gun Dealer to be able to buy singles and shipments. Ill put my code below.
DarkRP.createShipment(“AAC Honey Badger”, {
model = “models/weapons/w_aac_honeybadger.mdl”,
entity = “m9k_honeybadger”,
amount = 10,
price = 15000,
separate = true,
pricesep = 1500,
noship = false,
category = “submachinegun”,
allowed = {TEAM_GUN}

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I solved it. I went is settings.lua and to line 141 and made it true.