Why can not I access the Rust?

You were VAC banned by steam.

This means that you are a cheater. The ban will not be lifted (Steam has a very strict policy) and you will not get your money back.

If you want to play the game again you will have to get a new steam account and buy Rust again. (But this time, don’t cheat)

VAC will not disclose the nature of your ban, apart from it being for use of a cheat/hack, nor are they required to disclose the details of your cheat/hack ban. When VAC bans someone, it’s because they cheated.

Your question was answered though, you cannot access THE RUST because you more than likely cheated, the ban is permanent and you will not be reimbursed, if you wish to still play, make a new account and buy the game again. If you feel you were wrongly banned, bring it to the Steam/Vac support and they will be the one able to assist you.

Here’s the Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068010377

Yup, that’s a fresh VAC ban.

Read this: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7849-Radz-6869

You’ve also got an account on Webcheats.com.br, so you’re not unfamiliar with the concept.

The only people you can contact for help for a VAC ban is Steam Support. That’s it. Go open up a ticket with them. Nobody on Facepunch can do anything about VAC bans. Steam Support will not tell you what cheats you were detected using or when they were detected, however. They never do.

this must be you obviously

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No need to take care with words, man. You’re filthy cheater, oxythg.


I own server!
Many players take kick for infringement! I take direct because of LAG!
Not so take VAC ban

Another account.

Maybe the excuse.

My dog ​​I use Hacker. : Eng101:

glue and more

I honestly could not agree more.

Looks like someone has history with cheating…

Also not sure what this is, but it has bot in the title, so I’m gonna just assume it’s no good, appears to also be a cheats site.

In other words, you have almost no credibility. Chances are, you cheated and got banned.

Second one is a tibia bot. It’s because he’s brazilian that you cant find links from him downloading hacks. Most of the sites ends with .br.

He’s here : http://www.webcheats.com.br/forum/members/1393604.html

And many other sites looking for various types of hacks. It’s kinda sad that he linked his twitter and his facebook to his account registered on a hacking site.

PS: You need to register in order to see his profile.

If you were VAC banned then you’re wasting your time telling your tale of woe here. Steam support are the only people that can help you and bullshit excuses don’t work on them. You’ll just get the same copy-pasted response that everyone who is VAC banned gets.

“Oxy-BR” is a big leap to “=-OxY-= [BR” unless you can find a Steam account or something else linking the two.

Anyone can type details about themselves.

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It doesn’t matter if that is you or not. Facepunch has no authority over VAC and cannot unban you. You have to contact Steam Support. You can continue a futile attempt to plead innocence, all it will result in is more people belittling you. People come here on a regular basis claiming VAC unfairly banned them. Despite so many claims, there has NEVER been a case where someone successfully got a Rust VAC ban revoked.

Who cares whether or not you get your refund or unban, point is you cheated, and Valve will not tell you it doesn’t matter whether you are a developer of something, cheaters can be anyone. It doesn’t matter whether there is proof or not, point is until you get unbanned you are a cheater, regardless of what you tell us.