Why can people not join my servers?

Hello, first of all i’d like to say this is NOT an issue with ports… I have them forwarded correctly already.

But the problem is that i can host, but people can’t join… my server doesn’t show up on server list for me or them, they can’t join through invites or typing connect ‘my ip here’ in console.

I’m stuck on this… it really should not be any problem because i can host in other games, it’s just gmod that screws with me.

Sometimes with luck it works and they can join but 90% of the time, they’ll get “Connection failed after 4 retries”, it’s completely random and should not happen… but it does for some reason. Any ideas, anyone?

Double check that you actually did forward both 27015 and 27016.

Try “sv_lan 0” and then “heartbeat” in console.

Oh yeah, sorry I just remembered to say, I have been doing just that aswell, it is not helping me… and also i am making sure it is not set to lan… any other ideas? :confused:

EDIT: I have forwarded 27000-27050, 4380, and 1200 that should be everything that steam needs

are you using your external ip

e.g. you **shouldn’t **be using 192.168.x.x:27015

but instead (for example)


use the ip listed there, with a :27015 after it