Why can people see me when noclipping + invisible?

I’m talking about all gamemodes and addons here, not just a specific one. Addons/gamemodes that allow you to noclip and be invisible at the same time, don’t work right. It’s SUPER easy to bypass and I once accidentally did it myself. Why does GMod even bother sending packets for invisible + noclipping players? How can this be fixed where sv_allowcslua bypassers can’t see me, no matter what, if I’m “invisible”?

addons set you invisble by setting your model alpha to “0”, not directly simply putting an “dis guy is invisble, plz dont render him client” tag on you, theres no such thing. And why should gmod stop sending “packets” of you when you noclip? Noclipping is one of THE default features, and it allows you to simply fly, if it would stop sending packages, you wouldnt be able to do anything on the server.

I meant when alpha is 0.

So, how do I make people not be able to see people with an alpha of 0?

they normally shouldn’t see you except they got some kind of hack, or you got a weapon out with particles (eg phys- & gravgun).

That’s what I mean. I don’t want people with a hack to see me… maybe something like forcing a player out of everyone’s PVS?

Setting players alpha to 0 isn’t meant to stop them from being transmitted. SetNoDraw is.