Why cant i Build Metal Foundations?

Hey Guys. Im just upgrading from my Small House to a Big Base. But my Plan doesnt seem to work as planned.

I Want to make a Metal Bunker in the Center but somehow i cant place Foundations anywhere in the middle. Why is that and can i possibly resolve that?

thanks in advance

Can’t play wood near metal or metal near wood :slight_smile:

The wood foundations are too close. Next time place your metal foundation first, then your wood foundation around it.

How many “Blocks” do i need to let space for? thank you guys so much so far

what if i ask the admin for c4 to bomb out the 2nd row of wood foundations? will the pillars still cause my problem?

C4 don’t work on pillars,cealings & foundations.

If you’re on a rust++ server an admin can /instaKO pieces for you.
If you’re on an Oxide server then they can install a mod that will let you destroy your own stuff.

ffs…that was my 2nd attempt. last time i had 2 floors on a 3x3 metal bunker in the middle set but i miscalculated the heights so the outter ring didnt close. another day is gone for nothing. :smiley: well…learning by doing.

thank you guys so much for the quick answers. i´ll go farming now -.-’

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im on a rust ++ server. how does instako work?

An admin should just be able to use the command /instako and one hit from him should destroy any building pieces, pillars, ceilings, and foundations included.
Then /instako again to turn off.

thank you so so much! i´ll get in touch with him then. otherwise my other house will be done soon.

idk how that works here but my question is answered so the thread can be closed. have a good one everyone and have fun playing rust! :slight_smile:

There is a way to do it, but you won’t like it. I discovered that foundations have a sort of build radius, in which they lock the area around them from being built on by the opposite foundations, or setting foundations in odd placements. It seems to vary based upon the layout, for instance an L shape would lock everything between the two ends of the L to form a box in which if you started with wood, any other wood foundations need to face the same direction.

To do what you want however, you start with metal first, and lay them out. Once done, you find a spot where you can start the wood that’s high enough to let you encircle your metal base. The Wood can get to be pretty big, but if you find the right spot you can make it so that assaulting the wood base just to get to the metal interior can be very costly. I found one setup for a 4x4 metal base which had nearly 100 wood foundations around it, and could only be assaulted from one side. People could of course jump on top of the wood base from the other three sides to get over it, but getting from it’s roof down to the ground would have been a fatal fall.