Why can't I burn things down? Or shoot flamign arrows?

I keep getting water bottles while I’m farming reds for the elusive BAR, and I keep seeing wooden structures every where.

One of the first things I tried to do with my torch when I got in the game, was light something on fire. Then on my commute this morning I was thinking about how we are on an island, and while we are capable of developing explosives, why not keep explosives for metal buildings, and use fire to take down wood buildings? Develop a Molotov cocktail that can be thrown at a building and acts as a Damage over time on the wall until it’s put out with water.

Because people want an actual game, and real content…

Not a bunch of fire happy griefers (see minecraft)

Thank goodness you aren’t on the dev team.

actually this would be awesome. houses are way too stalwart. you shouldn’t have to be some uber badass to raid, unless the development is protected enough. primitive raiding would be sweet. currently it’s just too easy to protect yourself and the game needs to be way more punishing.

Yea I think fire would be a bad idea, at least with how the base building works now…

One person could just run around the map and light every building they see on fire and then run to the next one and burn it down and then the next one… No resources necessary, no skill required, just pure doucheyness lol.

IMO there is a big difference between “defend/protecting” your base from raids… and just getting griefed.

Earlier this week I had some kid come and put down like 40 spike walls around my base… He gained nothing, and I lost nothing…

All it meant was I was stuck in my base for 2 days… how is that fun or challenging?

I feel fire would be the same thing.

Build a nice wood base… pretty defendable, and boom…some 10year old comes through with “fire” that took him 20 minutes to get, and burns down everything… he gets nothing… I lose everything… how is that gameplay?

What if it was only a molotov cocktail, and it worked like C4, but over time? Easier to make than a c4, but defendable with water.

that would be cool but some fucking psycho would just run around and burn EVERYTHING down + Massive lag

this would be great in single player but just, not worth it at all

Honestly I would love this. But as the game is now, I would highly oppose such a mechanic. A few things need to be done for fire raiding/griefing to become a fair tool:

*Larger map - Would motivate users to build their houses in hidden locations, but this currently is not a plausible idea with the limited map we have now. I can circle the map in about 20 minutes tops, and people that build in the wasteland always seem to build in the most obvious places.

*Smoke fumes - Rust is big on making sure to never give your location away. Set something on fire? It needs to attract attention, and people will be on your ass in no time should they be in the immediate area.

*Rain and environmental effects - Animal fats/oils can be coated on your house to prevent fire from spreading, and rain/damp flammable objects should also prevent fires from starting/spreading. Even tribals knew how to use mud to keep their homes from burning up, so if you are slow enough to not prepare your house for simpletons with torches, then consider it a learning experience.

To the CIA Agent monitoring this forum - suggest you add the OP to your list of Arson suspects for future investigations.

Now I am 110% in favor of adding “flaming arrows” that work just like a flare…THAT would be epic.

I think stuff like breakable houses and fires to burn them should be implemented.
What should also be implemented are ways to protect yourself for such things. I mean, everything is wood, why the hell should I use c4 to break in? Or why I can axe a wood door but I can’t axe a wooden wall?

Come on it makes no sense.
This game is not minecraft, it’s not about building stuff, it’s about survival and confrontation. You don’t want to burn? Make stone walls… (which should be implemented btw) wooden stuff shoud be muuuuch easier to make but also muuuch easier to destroy. It just makes sense.

(also burning stuff takes a lot of time, so there in case of an assault it woulnd’t be so much of a problem to put the fires out, in case you’re offline, oh well, you should’ve though it better)

I’d also like stuff like making fires to SMOKE people out of the buildings, or they would choke on the co2 and other byproducts.

Developers shouldn’t dumb down stuff just to make people have an easier life, they should make things so that there could be a way to counter everything. Not adding a feature because there would be no way to make it BALANCED is just lazyness.

That would also had to apply to the furnace in your house, thats throwing a lot of smoke.
(I agree to the idea btw)

Yeah why not? If you want to smelt, then go outside. Then make a wall around your house and you’re ok. Or make a hole in the ceiling (but that would be a little boring and more difficult to implement correctly)

Have we forgotten about chimneys? :stuck_out_tongue:

Flaming arrows already in planning stages. As well retrievable arrows. See Trello

I like the idea of smoking people out as well.

umm this idea quite nice but it’s hard to balance

my thought is in order to burn down a wood shelter/ wood house , you going to need shit ton of oil which can be craft by animal fats and some other stuff , make it more expensive just like c4 so raiders have to think twice

Also, add timer , burning down a shelter takes maybe 5 mins , wood house 10 mins …

Sure tons of animal fat to make a molotav, and I like the idea of a massive smoke plume, so when you start burning down something everyone in the area is notified.

Eventually your gonna have to drink those water bottles to avoid dying of thirst >:)

molotov cocktail is a good idea i think… could be an “easy to prepare but less effective” option