Why can't I connect to my own server? And also, why can't I use this map?

Okay, so first things first, I cannot connect to my own Dedicated server, it works fine for other people… But I try joining and it restarts my internet.

Second thing, is whenever I try changing my map to rp_evocity2_v2p, it says “engine hunk overflow!”, how can I fix this? I do not have HL2 Ep2, I plan on getting those soon though, I just wanna know how I can fix this error.


You should try getting a Mod to move this thread to Help and support, I don’t know what’s up. But you would get more help there then here.

Ask Asaratha, He is a pretty nice mod to ask.

I’ll move it myself =/


Sgt. Sgt., the guy who made the map posted the fix for this along with the map a while ago.
Anyways, you can find that here. Also note that this fix was found with just a little googling. It’s not a bad thing to do once in a while, you know.

Can we get a working link to your Steam profile? Because this bug was fixed with an update.

My steam profile… please tel me how to fix the error with DC’ing my Internet when joining myserver.