literally every time i see an amazing pic and it has like 30+ winners

This looks like it took no effort and honestly looks awful. It doesn’t even look like he’s trying to hold them. It doesn’t look like anything, really.

I think the idea could be funny, so feel free and try and re-execute this, but I have nothing good to say about the image at all.

I know, it’s supposed to be based off of this.


and supposed to look terrible since I didn’t put effort into it, but I appreciate the criticism.

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Also those Winner props are a bit big so it wasn’t the best picture i could assemble.

Here, take this

there is a prop resizer addon for a while now

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then again i dont think it looks like you ever familiarized yourself with the no-collide tool already in gmod

And this is why we have the troll poses thread

I have, actually, this was just a rushed piece of garbage.

i’ll probably make a better one in the future.

I dunno. I think if you post something and receive criticism, your first instinct shouldn’t be, “Well it’s supposed to be bad.” If it’s rushed and bad, don’t post it.

I’ve posted half-finished projects and stuff like that with the expectation that people can give me criticism on what I’m doing and how I can be better. It appears you’re neither looking for criticism or to post anything interesting enough to warrant it’s very own thread, so why bother? It’s a bad mentality, man.

I see your point, also oh hell i posted this as it’s own thread, thanks for the advice, wauterboi.