Why cant I load Rust anymore? "The game has crashed." (Crash report)

Recently every now and then Rust will decide it doesn’t want to load, and gives me this error http://i.imgur.com/mYgn2oO.png

So far, the ONLY was I can fix it is to restart my PC and try to load Rust again.

Here is the crash report: http://pastebin.com/ckx8tKad

I never used to have this problem until about a week ago… this is REALLY annoying!

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Note: Restarting Steam does not fix it.

Also, verifying the game cache doesnt work either.

You haven’t updated your Nvidia drivers since October and there’ve been over a half-dozen stable driver releases since. Start with that. The latest drivers are version 361.91.

Ok I will try that next time it happens, thank you

lol next time it happens … are you serious ? … you need to update now to prevent things like this happening what do you think the graphic update drivers are for dude