Why can't I login through Garrysmod.org?

I’m not able to sign in through Steam to download Mods on Garrysmod.org
I don’t want to use Workshop because a lot of the good mods, dupes and E2’s aren’t uploaded on there.
I go to login using my STEAM account information and it continually says wrong login information. I made sure I was typing my keys 100% correctly, and still. Not working. Any ideas?

Do you have a legal version of Gmod ?

Umm, why the hell would I post if I pirated it.
Profile name: Soapface

Try to contact Steam support.

Make sure youre using the name that you created your steam account with. if you are then idk.

ik same problem is happeing to me i have no idea what to do… I tried using my Register name and my Gamer Name nothing worked… I put in my password correctly every time and still didnt idk why? I really need help aswell.