Why can't I upload to Garrysmod.org?

I am using a .zip file and when I press the “upload” button it says the file was not a .zip file. Can I just ask why this is happening? Is there something I can do to try and fix it? Any answer is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Wow…honestly? No one is answering?

idkk… i’ll tell you whaat i do; i right click my folder with whatever in it and “send to” and then “compressed (zipped) folder” it and then bam… gmod.org up loadable . .

Either your renaming your folder with zip or doing it some other way… the way i told you is how i always do it and that works :slight_smile:

Same happens to me, The upload button gets clicked in but nothing happens… Why, Garry, why??

same with me! WHATS GOING ON?!

Same problem… same method as OfficeMonkey, but it doesn’t upload. ):?