Why cant i use half of my Phx-3 props?

I just got phx 3 from svn and i installed it from addons to sub catagories now when i go into gmod some of the things show up but most just say error! So What do i do?

Try getting the first original phx created as well, the errors may be caused by missing links or repairs that don’t exist. I’ve never downloaded phx for this computer since the first release, so i’m not too positive if that will work. Worth a try.

Make sure you installed it correctly. PHX 3 is only available threw SVN. So if you downloaded off garrysmod.org, it may be partially corrupted. I made a guide to get phx 3. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=71644

ya i got from svn and down loaded twice