Why cant WE break people's legs?

Give it to us!

Maybe only working with melee weapons? So it would be actually worth it to go melee!

It would be satisfying to smash someone’s kneecaps in with a big stick or something when they raid your base.

Why not? Not sure if its still the case as you usually get killed before you can see, but getting hit by other players used to sometimes cause Bleeding. So why shouldn’t leg shots induce Injured/Crippled?
Lead that fresh spawn to the middle of somewhere, kneecap 'em and leave 'em for the bears.

I want to snap necks first…Sneak kills…

I want to shoot them an arrow in the knee.



i want to break someone’s legs when they are being chased by a rad bear.

I think this would be a beastly addition. A melee or gun shot to the leg (or arrow if you say) should injure said target. This worked great in the DayZ Mod (not sure about standalone) and this would add a bigger gap to why Rust is amazing. This would add so much more strategy to the game. Friend got shot and you see an enemy running with his stuff? Cap him in the legs and chase him down. Please add this to the game as it would add so much you can do!

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