Why did i get banned on the game?

today i logged in the game and its saying your connection is banned can a mod help me? i did never grief/troll any thing, please help me mods

Hacking is bad mmmkay

i have no hacks! i’m 14 years old and i cant do hacks Dont blame me i did not hack

Look a lot of people have been speed hacking maybe your name is similar to a hacker or something idk
just wait a few days and then ask some mods

Are you using a proxy???

yo dont joke about that shit my 13 year old brother Pablo OD’d on hacks man

i got brith on 1999/5/1 so stfu

you got birth on 1999?


Congratulations on becoming a jew dude, although I don’t really know what that has to do with the topic.

Is this confirmation of a bar-mitzvahs for all our naked characters?