Why did the price go up?

Hey guys, I was just wondering why the price went up on Rust. I was glad to get some of the last $30.00 copies, don’t get me wrong.

I am just wondering, if they upped the price to $60.00, are they actually thinking Rust is going to be worth that amount when its done? Or is it just another way to bring in some more cash for developing? Don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing game from what I have experienced.

With the new map being their 1st priority, I don’t feel like $60.00 is what the game is CURRENTLY worth. I am not dissing the game in any way or trying to put a negative effect in the way you guys view the game. It seems as if the amount has been raised because they want less people to play the game.

You look at other $60.00 game titles i.e. Halo, Black Ops, etc. etc. etc., and just about any other console/PC game being made by high end companies. For the $60.00 tag they have on Rust right now, given thought to other game titles and their current condition, it is just a little absurd.


Please don’t ban me lol. I am not trying to bash Rust or “Gary” or anything of the sort.

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you bought multiple copies and dont know what a dutch auction is? the price goes down by the second, going all the way down to $s, the price used to start at 400.

They dont want a million people to alpha test.

You missed the sticky: The sticky: Keys are now for sale, discuss it HERE. Also section rules+FAQ, read before you post

That doesn’t really answer the question. The question was, is it worth it.

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That would make sense.

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I never said I bought multiple copies, I only need 1 lol. It used to be 400??? WOW!

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I notice that now lol. Thanks, but would you have noticed my little rant/question in the giant pile of comments in that thread? I feel like my thread is a little more relevant than a little comment. If you think otherwise. ok

Dude… really?
Are you blind?
Just read what a dutch auction is… You feel a bit stupid after…

I understand that it is a dutch auction. The price goes down like a few cents a second I believe. Do you actually expect people to wait 20-30min to get the 1 copy out of 10 that’s being sold per hour? How long did you wait to click that button? 2…3 seconds? or did you just spam click the button hoping to be the first to get that copy and finally play the game you’ve been hearing about and watching for months on end?

no disrespect, but you got to think better of people, and calling them stupid for asking a question is merely moronic in itself.

Edit: No need to start an argument by calling people names and assuming you know the level of intelligence that individual has.

I actually did indeed wait 20 minutes for the price of the Dutch auction to dip down below $10 (when that was the minimum Paypal would charge) after it had started at $600 earlier in that hour. I think you need to think better of people instead of assuming they’re ADHD-addled click-addicts with the attention spans of what does this button do?

hmhm. I am not going to fuel your flame.

And yet you posted a reply anyway. :v:

Look, in case you haven’t been paying attention, garry has been experimenting with the auctions and tweaking the parameters around. Expect this to continue. If something doesn’t work (keys suddenly stop selling because the auction starts too high or runs too fast or has too few keys or some other unfair thing), things get changed around. garry is not required to notify us of every single tiny change and plan, so you may not always understand the bigger picture of what’s going on.

over 11 thousand copies sold during alpha, the people waited and played the auction game because they wanted their copy

He has the right to change things around, it’s his, and I don’t expect it to stop by any means.

Althought I don’t completely agree with your whole " Garry is not required to notify us of every single tiny change and plan. " He is to a degree required to notify us about some changes because as Alpha testers, we need to know certain things to try and test it out and give our feedback, but that’s a different argument that you will probably need to make relevant.

I understand the bigger picture her. My only reason to start this tread was to give my thoughts and see what other people thought of the reasoning behind it.

Nice talking to ya!

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This actually brings up another question. 11 thousand sold, only a few hundred online at any one time. Given time locations and what not, I feel like I can safely say that within a total of 24hours probably 3 thousand unique players a day are playing. Now what does that say to the other 7 thousand who are either playing considerably less time than they used to or even stopped playing altogether?

Putting this $400.00 price tag on the game for Alpha access has an effect on the way people think about the game.

They (I think) either think… ( add any if I missed 'em if you want )

  1. " OH WOW OMG I NEED TO GET THIS!" and completely brushing away the fact that it’s so expensive.
  2. " Oh crap that is a lot of cash!" and probably don’t even buy it.
  3. " Wow! that’s a lot! I better wait until the price goes down…" The patient ones.
  4. " Wow! That’s a lot! I guess it is really worth it!" These are the ones I am worried about. They give it hype. Not only hype, but they make themselves believe that it is really worth that much and that they expect the game to be amazing KNOWING that it is still in alpha and that it WILL play like crap at some point or another. ( I used to be this type ) They play it for a bit and with all the hype they put into it, they finally come to a conclusion that the game sucks and the don’t play it again. \

When the hyped player leaves, that’s one or more potential testers gone, and has the possibility of cramping the game in a way that extends the length of the Alpha or Beta.

Do you see where I am getting at?

I’m guessing you’re not in highschool yet and haven’t learned what supply and demand is. Please read what a dutch auction is and look up the definition of ‘supply and demand’.

And nobody thinks “oh wow 400 dollars durr durrr HURRR DURRR xDDDD”

They think “Oh cool a dutch auction, let me read the definition, oh I see the price drops down over time. Oh now that I read this I don’t feel like such a retard! Man reading comprehension has never been so easy!”

I am an A+ college student thanks. Give my thread a little more thought than that please. Don’t just read the first post and then reprimand me about what I am talking about.

Date of Birth
January 1, 1994 (19) You shouldn’t be talking. . .

I wouldn’t flaunt being a Grade A+++ College student if you can’t comprehend what a dutch auction is.

or the fact you buy something on a page where it says HOW MUCH!? and a BEFORE YOU BUY, but you click the buy button as fast as you can

Son, i could buy and sell you if i wanted to. So you better lose that attitude before i do something about it.