Why did the weight tool get banned, anyone plan a replacement?

Pretty much it is the first tool any builder downloads, I noticed it is no more on the workshop.

Would be handy if someone got a SVN version out like with Precision Alignment so that builders do not have to stop making things when something gets banned or broken.

assuming the server has E2 and is available for guests, E:setMass(N) should work

What the hell, why is it gone?

Maybe it was removed by the owner?

No if it was removed by the owner the message would be different, it got taken down.


Not my link, but it should work.

A good stand in until the newer version gets fixed somewhere, thanks for the link.
It is absolutely bonkers to not have a weight tool.

It’s back: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104480013

Thank the lawd!

Also thankyou for notifying me.

Take care.