"Why did ya bloody muppet shoot the bloody pilot?"


“What? it was obvious, he’s an infected”
“Quiet, ya all! I heard something!”

I know, it sucks giant dick, but I just felt like posting this.
Maybe some editing (from some noble facepuncher) could improve this?

C&C etc.



Yeah that bloody pilot was bloody getting us out of this bloody map you bloody dumb arse!

Obviously all british policemen speak like this.

Grammar is bad. Shoulda been “Why did ya shoot the pilot, ya bloody muppet?!”

no editing could improve this.

All the photoshop in the world would not be able to make this okay.

No one has mentioned the TF2 ragdolls mixed with normal ragdolls.
You dont pull that shit.

I wish I never clicked on this thread…

Bloody hell the bloody muppet title gives me bloody noggin a bloody good headache

Wot? Oi mate me bottle o’ scrumpy.