Why did you give us no warning?!

I used convars ON MY OWN SERVER, and now im banned.

Why did you not give us any warning, are you just trying to be an ass?

In a thing like garrysmod VAC makes no scene.

not once did garry say that VAC was disabled.

What does that tell you: STOP YOUR HACKS.

I guess you could send an email to Steam support if this ban is permanent.

Just disable VAC. It does more harm than good in Garry’s Mod.

My server is VAC disabled, and I haven’t had any issues. There isn’t any cheating on Garry’s Mod, since there isn’t an objective.

What about gamemodes like TTT? There’s an aim there and cheats can get in the way of people’s enjoyment.

That’s another story, but I don’t use those gamemodes. Just Sandbox and Spacebuild.

I guess it really depends on what you play.

You don’t get vacbanned for using ‘convars’

Honestly, don’t use cheats. You won’t get fucked by yourself.
Garry’s mod would be a lot better place if it was more strict.

No one is going to tell you honestly how they got banned so I will, you fucking cheated.

Go cry.

hahahaha that made my day sir Tango !

Hey look, a pigeon.

Hey look, it’s a cat.

You can get banned for using modules such as convar2, which edit console commands to not require sv_cheats.


Just sayin’

No you can’t

This is possibly the greatest amount of shitstorming I’ve seen.

Best way to avoid getting VAC banned…is to NOT CHEAT. How hard is that? Garry’s already said that non-cheat modules and lua stuff won’t get you banned, but baconbot and the like will.

I don’t see what’s so hard to understand about this.

garry, I have a problem with VAC. It randomly kicks me out of the game with a “Secure connection failed” error. It says that it can’t connect to VAC servers… but does it really have to KICK ME OUT OF THE GAME?

I really can’t comprehend why you would argue with the CREATOR of the mod. That just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Much love garry. Much love.

If VAC was banning for harmless modules I’m sure something would have been done about it.

Delete the clientregisty.blob in c:/program files/steam then exit steam log back in with user and pass, that will fix your error.