"Why did you guys have to go..."

“Why couldn’t you have gotten out of the hospital faster…”



Lighting is dead SEXY

I like the lighting, the rain distracts a bit though

I really liked the lighting. It’s so… awesome

I remember you from a looooong time ago.

like, I-would-lose-smartness-for-the-extra-o’s-in-the-word-long, long time ago

Photoshopping is good. What was the intended effect of the elevated arm? I can’t quite tell.

holding a lamp i think

holding the lamp

Oh, I thought it was just some other light in the distance.

Yeah, same. The darkened handle really makes you search to see what she’s doing. Although, like I said, I love the lighting otherwise.

I thought this was a The Combine thread for a minute.


But that face… :barf: (not your fault btw I blame valve you did the best you could)

Love the lighting

Awesome ;o

it was also the angle of the light that made her face look even more weird.

Awesome lightning.

Cool picture.

This looks really nice. The lighting, faceposing, and rain effects are fantastic. Keep it up.

Beautiful light. Her face doesn’t normally look that weird.

i love it, looks great