Why did you remove comments on devlogs?

My previously topic was deleted… I know it was not the best way to do it… but I was angry because you just did it and didn’t said a single reason about it on the devlogs itself… To be honest I dont really understand why to know this I must write a topic here If you just could explain it in there and all would be ok.


I don’t think you actually read the devblog.

So that’s two threads that never needed to be made if you just read the whole devblog.

Just that? trolls? (that are everywhere?) well nice to know… I though that was easier to just ignore them instead to not allow people to say things about the progress of the game… The latest Devlog was the first time they allowed us to be participate on anything (about the “hats”) and on the next one comments gets closed…

Also, thebuild system was changed because, as they said people was complaining about “it was a hammering simulator” (I did just found 1 comment about this on all the devlogs comments I did read) and there are another things that really makes me think if that its the only reason…

Anyways if they think that the correct way its that all of us will pay the trolling od just some guys… well I suppose its ok but I dont approve it.

*PD: If on my previously topic they could say something like you did, maybe I would not have created this post… Anyways thanks, I have miss that.

There’s no reason to keep it. Closing the blog doesn’t stop people from talking about the progress of the game, you do realize you’re right this moment on the forum for the game, right? People can come here to discuss things, and myself and the other moderators can deal with moderating it. We don’t need an extra site where extra moderation would be required. People always just spammed that blog with dumb comments anyways.