Why did you server community die out?

The largest issue I’ve seen so far in the game is that I’m rerolling on a new server every few weeks.

I’m curious if you admin a server or played on one that has died - what do you think caused it?

In my experience:

  • Inactive Admins
  • Server Uptime
  • Small super geared group taking every airdrop all the time (not an issue, people just give up too easy)
  • getting raided so early and often you lose interest to rebuild

These are the things I’ve noticed and hear the most.

I own a server and it’s still going strong, but a massive problem is the children that can’t take losing. I’ve seen multiple threads hating on servers (including mine) with no actual evidence to back up what they are saying. Yet a lots of trolls/haters join in and it starts to give off a bad reputation/look.

What I’m saying is, there are many people ready to destroy something good because something doesn’t go there way, and they get a hell of a lot of support from people who are not interested in looking at the actual facts.

At first, lack of anything to do. The server was mostly peaceful towards one another.

Then we got more players, but then the big guys started driving everyone else off.

Server to player count ratio is terrible, tons of hardly active servers.
something like 4.3 players per server if it were to be spread out evenly.

Game hasn’t had any really awesome content patches in a while so really active players are getting bored.

I had the #1 server. Filled 247.
We have active admins banning hackers and trolls. And helping out new spawns.
Things were great but our server company sucked ass. And then we got ddossed because I banned a hacker.
Server was down for 2 days and the ip was changed and ever since them my server is dead.
It sucks bad. I did enjoy running the sever when the pop was high.
Maybe one day they will all come back. Got a new host and server.

Who knows

It’s supply and demand.

in my first 2 weeks i ended up on around 12 different servers. There are lots of reasons for leaving servers to find a new one.

  1. bad/no admin
  2. settings being changed that i didn’t like
  3. the amount of wipes that happen.
  4. 3 or 4 groups of 10+ players that destroy everyone on the server, specially after a wipe.

these are just the top few. Wipes are my number 1 issue. I know to expect them, but to wipe once a week is annoying. I finally gave up and just bought my own server. it’s been setup to get the resources/building done fast so you can focus on the pvp/raiding/other things rather than spending a week to build just to have it wiped when your ready to enjoy the pvp aspect of it. There are enough mods available now to where you shouldnt have to wipe the server once a week if the admins are active.

I agree with J0NE5YG4MING to some extent. That kind of thing does tend to snowball. A lot of players just get really upset when they get killed through tactics they don’t completely understand, then call hacks and get pissed at you because you want to do a thorough investigation before swinging the ban hammer. Of course, they’re also offended you didn’t just take their word for it since they are obviously experts on the game mechanics. It’s rough being an objective admin. And some admins just get sick of dealing with all of it when they find out how much work actually has to go into maintaining a fair server and keeping it populated. Which brings me to my next point…

DDOS attacks. Most servers aren’t on dedicated metal. They share IPs with a handful of other game servers. When a DDOS attack hits your server’s shared IP, it takes all of the other game server instances down with it. It really takes the wind out of your sails when you’ve worked really hard as an admin to get your server population up to have it brought down because you, (or some other admin with the same IP) banned the wrong kid who gets pissed and initiates an attack. By the time the attack is over, you’ve lost all the players you worked so hard to attract. Some admins just give up after that. Rebuilding population isn’t easy.

IMO after you learn the game you take 1 day to be fully geared up and get some c4…

So it gets boring fast.
The best part of the game IMO is the start where you have to survive without anything, build your house, etc…
So IMO they should make it more difficult and requiring more time to get the better gear, etc

About the ddos , you couldn’t of said it better. This is what happened to my server. It sucks bad. I can’t get the server passed 40 people.
It really took a drain on us because of the hard work we put into the server keeping it fair and clean.
It’s a shame.

I bought a small server about a month ago. Oxide server with all the mods, no crafting c4, instaft, small economy things. I had max 15 people on and then Rust did an update that killed all my plugins. Within 3 hours I lost all of my members and its been pegged at 0/50 ever since. I’m going to let my server subscription lapse. Just no point in running a server unless you have real friends to preload the population.

That is exactly what happen to us. We were going strong with 80 to 100 players during peak times but we found that a group of 19 was hacking big time or receiving gear from hackers. We banned the hackers from the server, the next day they were VAC banned and the following day there new accounts were VAC banned, Two RUST VAC bans in 2 days!

Then came the nightly 12-24 DDoS attacks that lasted for a week. We notified our server hosting company about who was doing it and Steam but no one cares. Population is down to 20 at most during peak times, but it is what it is.

There is a saying that I like " Every country has the government it deserves " - Joseph de Maistre . The same can be said about gaming community’s.

Aw man I feel you on this. Same exact thig happened to use. Maxed out full server to only be ddossed for 2 days to lose your entire community and have a lot of upset folks.
It truly sucks. Server company was FPSplayers an they were trash.

See private servers are nice and all for active admins, but only to a point. Active admins always means the possibility of abusive admins. I truly and honestly believe all the mods that allowed instant crafting, more air drops, and other bs ruined this game. When the game only had official servers it was the best time of this game. Yea there were hackers, but once hackers are taken care off with more additional anti hack then official servers will be 10000x better. Private servers tend to have little to no players because there is like 20000 of them. Then there are the people who say if you joined a private server with abusive admins then switch. Its not like you can immediately tell if the admins are abusive until you actually play for a while. Once you have played for a decent couple of hours and you find out, its kind of hard to just leave. Yea maybe not every server is like this, but what about servers were the admins ban you because they believe you “hack,” when either they are just mad or you got a lucky kill. All of this adds up and to be honest its just a big waste of time. Private servers have ruined this game in my opinion.

THIS. I’ve found it’s best to nip those “children” in the bud as soon as possible. They are NEEDY, they ask for free things, they kiss ass, and are generally annoying. And if they get killed, that person is hacking. Now while a lot of servers do have hackers, I can say that I’ve only banned people for being complete asshats. Namely doing the things above.

I kind of enjoy trolls joining my server because my community doesn’t feed them. So they leave pretty quickly…unless they want to play.

I want kids to play the game…but I want normal kids like we all used to be…well. Some of us. Not these kids that are used to being fed everything and don’t learn anything and when something doesn’t go their way, they piss and shit all over themselves.

A lot of the success that came from building the community in my server was from targeted marketing. I specifically advertised my server to people local to the Denver area or in Colorado altogether. And it’s paid off. We’ve grown to like 40 regular players and peaked at having 31 on at one time. Not bad for only being around for 2 weeks!!

My involvement in activity is to playing the game with the players. Sure, I might be invulnerable, but I’ll build structures that everyone can use. I’ll help some of the new guys gather resources for a little bit. And I’ll also run events once a week or whenever we get a wild hair to do so.

Ive recently just started a server, have a handful of friends that play on it. We originally had one host but the ping times to the server were always going up 400+ range randomly and killing it. So we moved to a new host, now ping times are down but all I ever see for players is a random one will log in, sits there for a minute or two then logs out. Im not sure what their doing or trying.

Ive tried running with everything available and the problem became a larger group dominating over new joins. So I disabled the higher tech items on the new server make it only from airdrops with like a 1% chance to find Supply Flares. Seems pretty balanced that way if you do get high tech items you cant craft them you want to protect them and it limits the C4 so one player cant mass like 100+ C4 and wipe out an entire house. I enjoy it at least but wish for a larger population of course.

  • Terrible rust community

Server was at 75 players, one experienced group raided everyone - everyone cried cheats/cheats (no proof, everyone who has ever cheated on my server was permabanned and then shortly after VAC bans were applied on all their profiles because I don’t make mistakes)

Anyway, group wrecked everyone - everyone cried admin abuse (admin wasn’t even online) people cried cheating - I checked, nobody was cheating… then everyone quit cause they lost their stuff

Now I label my server as ‘veteran only’ so only experienced rust players can come play. The worst thing you can have on your server is

  1. Children - they don’t even play rust properly, they just want to have a gigantic base and kill everyone and never be killed

  2. Crybabies - They just want to feel like they’re good at something, they quit or call cheats every second

Just more evidence that raiding is far too easy. People get too attached to their homes/gear. Considering building is going to get slower, the build to raiding balance is going to get worse.

When the locked backpacks update hits, any server running that option I will not play. I suspect a lot of servers pops will drop that run that addition. It makes no sense and doesn’t fix anything. People will still run back on raids and can now get their body even easier and now people that get shot down around towns will just come back with another m4 or bolt action rifle pick you off then take back there stuff.

Its just silly unless the lockpicks are very easily accessible but even then it just doesn’t solve anything, plus now if your a noob with a bow and get a lucky kill you have no hope in getting the hard earned loot you deserve.

In conclusion between the other problems every server faces and this new upcoming patch I have a feeling the server I play on will die.

Regarding the DDoS attacks, that’s already hit us, and we’re not even a blip on the radar. A friend set up a server last Friday right around this time. We’ve had a total uptime of approximately 75 hours in the past week. Can’t even think about building a community if we are down over half the time.

ill agree with this statement. People get raided or attacked a couple times then just leave. The server im on now showed a lot of low pop for a while and is just starting to pick up. But it seems like the community thats developing is more about not shooting each other and being ‘allies’ as they say. Although ive been there since the last wipe a month ago along with a couple others, we need to stay our hand a little it would seem so as not to discourage them from leaving before they get to a more stable point. So i think its mainly a combination of people cant handle losing and leave, plus over zealous bandits that KOS with no restraint